Hello and thank you for exploring the website!  🙂

An avid writer since early elementary school years, journaling has been an immense staple in my life through present day. In college my English Professor suggested I change my major to Creative Writing (it was Forensic Science/Investigation at the time). Writing continued to play out in my life and in 2010, while living in Las Vegas, I decided to create an online reviews platform covering the array of divertissement Vegas has to offer. Among the portfolio on this site you will see some of what was achieved. The website was a success and after two years, the hinderance of life deflection diverted my time from what I had created, unfortunately I did not save most of the composition. Lesson learned 🙂

Today, now living in Los Angeles, and amongst covid, I am resurrecting the art of writing, the skills that have been suppressed and hidden from the world. To take on a new city, new chapter, and new journey. Time to do what brings you joy ❤

Some causes near and dear to my heart… I am a devoted feline enthusiast passionate about feline nutrition, health, and wellness with a ravenous desire to share and educate so our furry children can Thrive. A proponent for environmental sustainability, ocean conservation, and animal activism. You will see many articles reflecting this in the ‘Creative Writing’ section. Which is a free space to write with feeling and emotion and to share my love, passion, and knowledge with the world. Knowing better is doing better.

Knowledge = Power = Change. 

Let’s change the world together.